International Students

Students usually come for a practice of one (1) to three (3) months. They receive a 13-hour* introduction course to the Malagasy language on the first week. This course includes an introduction to the Malagasy culture and a visit in the museum of the Cultural Center. The prices of the introduction course can be found below.

* The introduction course (duration, content) can change depending on the needs of the students. Please contact us for details.

Administration, facilitation and practice fees


13-hour Introduction course fees


1This is an estimate based on a 1 NOK ≃ 400 MGA exchange rate.
2This is an estimate based on a 1 NOK ≃ 0.105 EUR exchange rate.
3This is an estimate based on a 1 NOK ≃ 0.12 USD exchange rate.
These values may change based on the exchange rate on the billing date.