The Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FLSH) of the University of Antananarivo and the NGO Lovasoa Cross-Cultural Competence Center (Lovasoa 4C) in Antsirabe, Madagascar, in collaboration with the Friendship Association Norway-Madagascar will organize a Symposium on Interculturality on 24, 25 and 26 November 2019. The venue of the Symposium is the premises of the Lovasoa 4C. The participants are university staff, researchers, practitioners, and experienced actors in intercultural interactions from Norway and elsewhere.

This unique event will include sessions on different aspects of interculturality and its impact on local population, particularly women and youth, and their involvement in sociocultural transformation. With this objective several papers will be presented on the following axes:

Axis 1: Culture and music

Responsible: Dr Beby Vololona RAJAONESY and Dr Anders RØNNINGEN

Axis 2: Health and intercultural communication

Responsible: Pr Lucie RABAOVOLONA, Ass. Pr Ingrid TJOFLÅT, and Ms Siri NYEN

Axis 3: Languages and intercultural education

Responsible: Dr Lakoarisoa ANDRIAMISE and Dr Zoly RAKOTONIERA, Pr. em. Øyvind DAHL

Axis 4: Management of documentation

Responsible: Dr Roland RAKOTOVAO, Dr Helihanta RAJAONARISON and Dr Ellen VEA ROSNES

Languages to be used during the symposium are Malagasy, English, and French.

Presidents of Organizing Committee:Ms RALINIRINA Fanja Tahina (ft_ralinirina@yahoo.fr), Mr Andriatahina RABESON (director@lovasoa.mg)

Members of Organizing Committee:Mr Zinaha RAHARINIRINA, Ms RAMAROSON Mbolamamy Harinoro, Ms Joanina RAZAFINDRAKOTO and Ms Siri NYEN.