Malagasy Classes

Lovasoa has been hosting Malagasy classes for Norwegian missionaries and their families for over 150 years. Today, the Norwegian school has closed but Lovasoa still offers various Malagasy courses to meet your needs whether you want to learn one-on-one or in a group.

13-hours introduction course

Intended for international students wishing to have a practice or internship in a Malagasy institutions. This course gives you what we would call survival Malagasy with the greetings, words allowing you to bargain in the market or with the pousse-pousse, to communicate with your house keeper if you choose to have one during your stay, and with a few key phrases you can use at work.

60-hours introduction course

This course gives a practical basis to explore the Malagasy language and culture. This is ideal if you are staying in Madagascar for a rather long period of time to study or to work but do not have much time to learn Malagasy.

240h course

This course provides an in-depth learning of the Malagasy language with a complete study of the grammar. This course has often been given to missionaries, volunteers or people working in the remote places of Madagascar where very few speak English or French.

On-demand classes

Perhaps you are only available for a few weeks or for a few hours... Or perhaps you would like to focus on the use of Malagasy in a specific area (agriculture, religion, teaching...) Feel free to contact us to tailor your classes to your needs according to your availability and that of the teachers.