L4C facilitates for student´s practice (internships) in Malagasy institutions. Several different institutions in Norway now send students here, to have their practice in institutions according to the qualifications. We have good contact with institutions nearby, and also in other parts of Madagascar. Offering language and culture facilitation courses we can give a good start on any kind of practice abroad.

Until now we have received students in the following subjects:
Teacher, pre school teacher, social therapist (vernepleie), social child care (barnevernspedagog), nurse, deacon and the more. We can cooperate closely with the Norwegian institution (about supervision, facilitation, etc), but we can also facilitate directly for a single student.

Click here for a presentation video of some of the students in April 2013, through the eyes of two volunteers (Norwegian)

See the list of possible places for internships (Links will be added to short presentations):

Outside Antsirabe: Lutheran Hospital of Mahajanga
School for deaf in Morondava
L`Orchid̩e Blanches РAntananarivo

Near Lovasoa:
School and dormitory for deaf in Antsirabe
School and dormitory for blind in Antsirabe
SDL – Diaconal project in Antsirabe
Andranomadio – Lutheran hospital in Antsirabe
SEFAM – Nurse school in Antsirabe
Toby Ambohimahazo – Revival movement care center
Mangarivotra College, Antsirabe
Etoiles, privat school in Antsirabe