International students


Since 2011, students from universities from countries such as Norway, Denmark or Poland come to Madagascar for internships, fieldworks, surveys, field practice or cross-cultural exchange. Lovasoa offers facilitation between the students and their universities on the one hand, and the local institutions on the other hand. 

The students have various majors ranging from education, through social work, all the way to medicine. Through Lovasoa, they have the opportunity to experience a glimpse of their future career in a completely different environment in a country with a different culture and a different language. While the students can face challenges during their stay (language barrier, culture shock, lack of resources compared to their home countries), they leave Madagascar having grown professionally but also emotionally and psychologically. Sometimes they fall in love with Lovasoa and Madagascar and come back as volunteers!



The students are under the care of a study coordinator from the first contact until the end of the practice. Aside from acting as a facilitator with the host institutions, the study coordinator regularly meets the students throughout their practice for follow-up meetings, guidance, advice… The students also have the opportunity to meet other students from different universities. The study coordinator may organize seminars between the students within similar field of studies where they can learn from each others’ experience in their university and in their practice institutions.

The students come for a period of 2 weeks to 6 months and have the chance to visit Antsirabe and its surroundings during the weekends or even travel through Madagascar if they schedule a vacation! On the first week, they receive an introduction course to the Malagasy language and culture before you dive into the world!


We can also tailor your stay with us according to your needs (short term practice, field study, large group of students…)

Madagascar is a beautiful country worth visiting! If you would like to travel, we encourage you to schedule your stay and buy your plane tickets to allow traveling while still completing your practice.

We look forward working with you!