Lovasoa CCCC (L4C) is a NGO owned by the Lutheran Church in Madagascar and the Norwegian Mission Society. It is a «Cross Cultural Competence Centre» with the aim to enrich and strengthen the long standing relationship between Madagascar and Norway. We facilitate collaboration between Norwegian and Malagasy institutions, like universities, NGOs, communes etc, and arrange courses in language and culture.

L4C is also a base for volunteers and students doing volunteer work / internship in Malagasy institutions. We provide accommodation for partners, students, tourists, and host conferences and meetings.

Lovasoa is situated in the centre of Antsirabe at the site of the former Norwegian School.


L4C facilitates collaboration and assists Norwegian and Malagasy partners in developing courses, exchanges, internships, etc.

The Competence Center also offers language- and cultural courses and specific activities developed in cooperation with partners.


Competence Center

L4C provides a broad variety  of accommodation, and we are able accommodate more than 100 guests. You can live in our newly refurnished hotel «Chalet Lovasoa» or rent one of our flats.

We have a professional kitchen and restaurant with the ability to seat 100 people.



Available from may 2013, the Culture centre at L4C will consist of a museum, an archive and a historic library. This will make L4C an interesting base for researchers.

We also arrange exhibitions, concerts, discussions etc with Malagasy and Norwegian artists and speakers. 


Culture center