Competence Center


The Competence Centre facilitates collaboration and assists Norwegian and Malagasy partners in developing educational modules, shorter courses, workshops, exchange of students and teachers, internships and practical training periods for students and more.

The competence centre offers language courses and intercultural communication sessions. Other activities is developed in cooperation with the partners.

We also host all kinds of conferences and provide meeting rooms.


University Cooperation

L4C is making it easy for Norwegian institutions to provide internships in Madagascar for their students - and for Malagasy institutions to receive them. From different disciplines, such as nursing, teaching, social worker etc...


L4C is a facilitator for volunteering, especially for FLM (The Malagasy Lutheran Church) institutions in Antsirabe, but also other places all over the island. 

Specializing on teaching Malagasy for foreigners, L4C offers a variety of courses and language lessons by skilled teachers. We also provide affordable English classes with focus on conversational training with English speaking people. 



Language courses   

A part of staying at the Lovasoa CCCC is the cross-cultural experience. Lovasoa offers courses in Malagasy culture, specially directed towards foreigners wanting to understand the Malagasy thinking and living. Some courses are intertwined with language courses, and some are in cooperation with partners.

Other courses

We are happy to receive you at conferences here at Lovasoa. With its nice surroundings in the center of Antsirabe, we expect Lovasoa to be a popular place for arranging conferences for up to 120 people. We can also host smaller conferences and meetings, and provide packages with accommodation, food and meeting facilities.


Meetings and conferences

We facilitate collaboration between Norwegian and Malagasy institutions. Most co-operating institutions wants to become Lovasoa partner. The partners have seats at the general assembly and board of Lovasoa, and get special prices at the centre. Co_-_University.html